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911 operator:
911 what's your emergency?
[heavy breathing]
911 operator:
yes we know dean winchester takes a shower in the next episode

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My frustration with the Supernatural Design Challenge…

I submitted a T-Shirt design and I got the following critique…

While we think you may certainly be onto something, your design looks like it could benefit from a little bit more work before a final submission to the contest. Perhaps try to ask some fellow designers or graphic T-shirt fans for some feedback or tips on how it could be spruced up to make your idea and image 100% ready for voting by the public at large and the Supernatural Executive Producers, not to mention a real shot at one of the five hefty prizes. Remember, there’s lots of time left to keep working on it and submit a masterpiece before the challenge is over. 

so after being sick with food poisoning I managed to clean up the design sharpen the edges and resubmitted it before the deadline on April the 7th.

Then I come to find out they started voting pretty much right after submission deadlines were over .Which means a design like mine that was submitted at the end and needs a minimum of 24hrs approval is already behind. 

Then today I get this message for about why my design was declined and this made me even more furious.

This design is a duplicate of another submission, or too similar to another submission to be permitted.

Well yes you idiots its my other design that I submitted and you declined the first time and told me to clean up. *sigh

So after I got that e-mail I submitted the design to Tee Fury and RIPT and if worst come to worst I am going to put it on SewGeekAustin and make Home in Glitter. 

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